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2019 / 2020

Ciudades a visitar: Hong Kong; Macao; Zhuhai; Canton; Huangyao; Yangshuo; Crucero Por El Rio Li; Guilin, Guangxi; Longsheng; Guangxiao; Chengyang; Zhaoxing; Hongjiang; Changsha; Shaoshan; Xian; Lingfen; Mansion Clan Wang; Pingyao; Wutai; Yanmenguan; Yinkxian; Templo Colgante; Datong; Jiming Post; Pekin

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Estimado viajero: ¡Gracias por habernos elegido para realizar este circuito! Esperamos que disfrute de su viaje.

Le damos aquí una orientación sobre su tour con la información que consideramos puede ser de su interés. La información es ORIENTATIVA, pudiendo existir variaciones sobre los horarios señalados.

TRASLADOS desde el aeropuerto, si lo tiene incluido o comprado. Nuestro trasladista lo estara esperando con un cartel con el nombre de Europamundo o su nombre a la salida de aduanas (despues de recoger su equipaje).

IMPORTANTE: Si usted tuvo NOCHES ADICIONALES a su llegada al hotel tendrá su reserva realizada, pero el guía de su viaje normalmente no se encontrará hasta la noche anterior al inicio del tour. Su tiempo por tanto hasta ese momento es libre.

En el HOTEL le podrán ayudar con toda la información que precise sobre la ciudad. En la recepción podrá encontrar un CARTEL INFORMATIVO de Europamundo donde figurarán las actividades y los horarios establecidos para su grupo. Lea el cartel informativo.


Note: Hong Kong and Macao were brought into China in the year 2000 with very important agreements on autonomy: the currency is different, there are borders between Hong Kong and Macao and also between both of these points and continental China. The visas and documents needed for China are different from those that are needed for Hong Kong. Remember that if Hong Kong is an intermediate point on your trip to China, you must get a visa for a double or multiple entry to China.    

Welcome to China! After the border and customs processes, an assistant (normally Spanish-speaking, although sometimes may be English) will be waiting for you and will offer you transfer  from the airport to the hotel. Free time.     

18.30 hrs.-  We are with our guide and with the remaining members of our group to take a first stroll and enjoy the city. We will do this transfer by public transport and on foot to get a good view of the lit up skyscrapers; we will cross the bay by ferry and come back on the underground. We will see some of the areas busiest with nightlife in the city. Dinner included. Return to the hotel.

08.30 hrs.- We start our tour of the city. We will take the Star ferry and cross Hong Kong bay by boat and then climb up to Victoria Peak (552 m) from where we can see the whole city. Along the way we will see the financial centre with its tall skyscrapers, we will visit (tickets included) the History Museum that will show us the history of the city (colonial period, World War …) the Avenue of the Stars by the quay that shows us the celebrities of the film industry. Afternoon free.

Distance travelled: 80 km    
Note: Remember that we are crossing the border, you must have your passports to hand. Vehicles from Hong Kong cannot go into Macao, so passengers will have to change coach with their luggage. If the group is of under 6 passengers, the trip between Hong Kong and Macao may be done by ferry (this section may be done without an accompanying guide, our guide from Hong Kong will help you do the border procedures to leave Hong Kong and a new guide will be waiting for you on arrival in Macao).    

08.00 hrs.- Hong Kong – Departure -. We go to the impressive bridge that connects Hong Kong to Macao. Opened at the end of 2018, the work is a feat of engineering with more than 30 kilometres of bridges over the China Sea, 6 kilometres of tunnels under the sea, and artificial islands. We will stop at its tourist platform to admire the work. Border crossing on leaving Hong Kong and another crossing on arrival in Macao.    

11.00 hrs.- MACAO – Arrival -. On arrival, we include a tour of the city whose historic centre has been declared UNESCO World Heritage. Macao was administered by the Portuguese from the sixteenth century until 1999, its ancient churches, the tiles on the civil buildings, its fortress and the oldest lighthouse in China bear witness to this. Lunch included. We will also see the casino area, many in the same style as those in Las Vegas; their activity is impressive and we will go into one of the large casinos for you to see the sumptuous interior. We will end our visit at around 4 PM, accommodation in the hotel. Free time.

Distance travelled: 250 km 
Scenery: Flat areas and the immense metropolis of Canton. 
Note: Remember that we are crossing a border; you must have your passports to hand. Vehicles from Macao cannot go into China, so travellers will have to change coach with their luggage. 
VERY IMPORTANT: If on your trip you visit China before Hong Kong and Macao and then return to China, you will require a double entry visa.    

08.00 hrs.- Macao – Departure -. We pass the border post (walking with our luggage), sometimes there may be delays.  
9.30 hrs.- ZHUHAI, by the China Sea, we will stop at the impressive opera house built on land reclaimed from the sea and opened in 2016, with its impressive shape symbolising the sun and the moon.   

10.15 hrs.- Zhuhai – Departure -. China surprises us with its impressive motorways and huge cities.  
12.30 hrs.- CANTON – Arrival -, after lunch (included) we include the two and a half hour tour on which we will go down Shangiaxju Street with its traditional market and be surprised by its liveliness and its stands where all kinds of insects and reptiles are sold that form a part of the city’s diet. We will see the house of the Chen clan from the end of the nineteenth century, and we will explore the area by the river. Free time.

Distance travelled: 450 km  
Scenery: Large agricultural plains leaving Canton, then the scenery becomes strange and beautiful due to the rock erosion.    

08.00 hrs.- Canton – Departure -. We travel to inland China and its very beautiful rural areas. 12.30 hrs.- HUANGYAO , in rural surroundings, the ancient city is magnificently preserved with its small streets, ancient buildings, temples; the life and activity of its inhabitants will transport us to other times and we can also see the small museum that tells us about the Communist resistance during the Second World War. We include lunch and entry rights for tourists to the village.    

15.00 hrs.- Huangyao – Departure -. Very beautiful carstic scenery.  
17.00 hrs.- YANGSHUO, a tourist city full of life (all kinds of restaurants, pubs, discotheques, bars, etc.), its surroundings (closed to traffic, if you wish you can go in on foot or on a rented bicycle), it has very beautiful rural scenery. Free time.

Distance by road: 120 km 
Scenery: Impressive scenery on our cruise. 
Note: Depending on the time of year and the current, we will not do the cruise starting at Yangshuo, but rather in the opposite direction. The timetables of the stage will vary accordingly.   
We will leave Yangshuo to go on a cruise along the river Li, with a duration that will vary depending on the current, but will normally be around three hours. The scenery is spectacular with its green mountains, the villages on the banks of the river, the surprising rocks and their peaks in amazing shapes. Lunch included.    

After this we travel to - GUILIN – to see the REED FLUTE CAVE, a magnificent cave with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites lit up with beautiful colours. Time afterwards in Giulin, one of the most popular cities in China, with a very pleasant atmosphere; you can stroll in its parks, on the shores of the lake and the banks of the river Li or in its busy shopping streets in the city centre. 

Distance travelled: 310 km 
Scenery: Spectacular in many places, green mountains, very picturesque traditional villages, rice paddies on terraces. 
Note: We will see some places inhabited by the Dong ethnic group and some of the points we visit are not often visited by international tourism. We ask for the utmost respect for their inhabitants (not taking photographs without their permission, etc.). Wear comfortable footwear for walking along the paths of the rice paddies.   

07.30 hrs.- Giulin – Departure -. Today you will do one of the most beautiful and exciting stages on your trip. 
09.15 hrs.- LONJI .- In the province of Longsheng, the rice paddies on terraces and between the mountains have been declared UNESCO World Heritage. We will include entry rights and a small bus to go up to the viewpoints and, accompanied by our guide, we will descend a section along path between rice paddies, through the picturesque traditional village and amidst marvellous scenery (around 2 km on foot; if you prefer not to walk you can return to the meeting point in the small bus of the complex).    

11.30 hrs.- Lonji – Departure -. We enter the Dong region with its magnificent scenery. Lunch included.  
13.45 hrs.- GUANGXI, amidst amazing villages of the Dong ethnic group with their beautiful wooden architecture, this charming village which seems to have stopped in time receives few international visitors. We will see its hanging bridge, the Drum Tower and the opera house. Very nearby, we will see CHENGYANG , with its magnificent “winter bridge” (entry rights included).   

16.00 hrs.- Chengyang – Departure -. We continue amidst pretty mountainous scenery.  
17.45 hrs.- ZHAOXING, the most important town of the Dong minority, a very beautiful place with more than 800 traditional dwellings; many define the place as the prettiest village in China. A stroll in the evening with its bustling and picturesque little restaurants. Accommodation.

Distance travelled: 680 km (half by high-speed train).  
Scenery: Tall mountainous peaks, very pretty scenery. 
Note: The train timetable might change, remember that you have to take your luggage onto the train.      

07.30 hrs.- Zhaoxing – Departure -. Impressive high mountain scenery and little Dong villages. 11.45 hrs.- HONGJIANG, an ancient commercial city on the banks of the river Yuan, entry right included and visit with a local guide (Chinese speaking, translated by our guide) dressed in classic style; we will see its ancient stone houses, its narrow streets with staircases, and visit its ancient brothels and opium houses seeing a short show to allow us to understand the place’s traditional culture better. Lunch included.   

15.00 hrs.- Hongjiang – Departure - We arrive in Huaihua where we will take the high-speed train, and in a little over one and a half hours we will do the more than 350 km to the capital of Hunan. Expected departure of our train at 4:30 PM.  
18.11 hrs. - (expected) - CHANGSHA , arrival and transfer to the hotel. A very dynamic modern city.

Distance travelled by road: 85 km 
Distance done by high-speed train: 950 km 
Scenery: Rural in Mao’s village, very pretty sections of mountain scenery on the train 
Note: The train timetable might change, remember that you have to take your luggage onto the train.   

08.00 hrs.- In the capital of Hunan, we will see the Yuelu Academy, a Confucian academy built in the year 966. After this we will go to SHAOSHAN , around one and a quarter hours from the city. We are in the village where MAO was born, where there are sometimes crowds of local tourists who come to see the house where the “great helmsman” was born (we will visit it if the queue is not too long), we will see the monuments on the great esplanade and the museum where we can get a better understanding of the life of the person who marked the destiny of 20th-century China. Time for lunch.  

From Shaoshan station, we will take the train that is expected to leave at 14.08 hrs.-, changing train in Changsha (40-minute expected connection time) and taking another high-speed train leaving at 15.17 hrs.- to do the 1,000 kilometres to Xian. 

XIAN, arrival expected at 21.06 hrs.- and transfer to the hotel.

Total distance travelled: 105 km.

08.00hrs.- First thing in the morning, we will go to see the  TERRACOTA ARMY,  with its thousands of life size clay soldiers that were found underground. This fantastic archaeological site is less than an hour from the center of Xian.

12.30hrs.- Terracota Army. Departure.
13.00 hrs.-    XIAN.  We will visit the  Small Wild Goose Pagoda   where we will enjoy a  brief Chinese calligraphy course . Later, we go across through the walled centre. We will cross the Muslim quarter there and we will enter the mosque, where we will be able to see the multiple cultures and religions that have left their mark on this country. Our tour will also include  entry tickets to the Drum Tower  where we will enjoy a  short show of traditional instrument playing. Free time.- We will then take a walk through its Muslim quarter and enter the mosque, where we can think about how the different cultures and religions that have populated the scenery have left their mark.  

At around 17:30 p.m. we finish our visit. You can return to the hotel or walk around on your own in the active historic center.

Total distance travelled:  530 km (365 on the high-speed train)
Scenery:  Some mountainous areas, beautiful landscapes from the train.
Note:  The indicated train schedule can be modified. In the train journey each passenger must carry their luggage.

07.00hrs.- Hotel departure. Transfer to the train station. We leave from Xian in a very modern  high speed train  and in less than three hours we will arrive in  Lingfen (expected train departure at 08.08hrs from Xian).  From here, we continue our route in our coach.

11.30hrs.- MANSION OF THE WANG CLAN,  arrival.- The Mansion was built by a wealthy family between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.  Lunch is included.  

13.00hrs.- Mansion of the Wang Clan- Departure.  
15.00 hrs.- PINGYAO, arrival to the China´s best preserved historical city, which has 4,000 ancient buildings and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will enjoy this charming traditional city. Our tour  will include entry tickets that allow visitors access to all the temples, mansions and city walls.

Total distance travelled: 330 km
Scenery:  Changing scenery, green landscapes, small towns, forests and mountains as we approach Wutai.
Note:  Wutai Mountain is a sacred place for many pilgrims; We ask you to wear appropriate clothes and maximum respect towards those believers who travel to this place.

08.30hrs.- Pingyao- Departure.- Entry procedures to the area of the Wutai Mountain National Park. Magnificent landscapes and succession of monasteries.-  We travel to one of the most exciting spiritual places in China.

13.00hrs.- WUTAI MOUNTAIN.  Arrival. This place, situated between green mountains and forests, is one of the centres of the Lamaism form of Buddhism. There are more than 40 ancient monasteries (and a similar number of monasteries have been built in more recent years), which are home to a large community of monks. We will visit  Nanshan Temple  with our guide, and later we will leave time free for you to look for less visited temples, where you can respectfully observe the monks.

17.30hrs.- We will go to our hotel, located outside the sacred precinct, near the entrance to the National Park. 
18.00 hrs.- arrival at the hotel.  Dinner included.

Distance travelled: 440 KM 
Scenery: Interesting scenery, rather mountainous areas with few inhabitants. 
Notes: Wear good footwear to walk on the Great Wall and to climb up to the hanging temple. We do not recommend climbing to this temple if you suffer from vertigo, cluster phobia or have health problems.   

07.30 hrs.- Wutai – Departure -.
10.30 hrs.- YANMENGUAN – Arrival -.  Not far from the border with Mongolia, on a mountain walk, we will see part of the GREAT WALL , we can walk calmly as this is an area with very few tourists.   12.15 hrs.- Yanmenguan – departure -. 

13.30 hrs.- YINGXIAN. We stop for lunch (included) in this peaceful picturesque village with an outstanding wooden pagoda.   

14.45 hrs.-  Yingxian – Departure -. 
16.00 hrs.-   Xuancong Temple. HANGING TEMPLE, an impressive temple built on the side of a very tall cliff, a feat of architecture.    

17.30 hrs.-Xuancong – Departure -.  
19.00 hrs.- DATONG – Arrival -. In the coach we will see its impressive walls from outside and its interesting rebuilt historic centre.  

Distance travelled: 390 KM.   

08.00 hrs.- Datong – Departure -. In the outskirts of the city there are 
08.30 hrs.- YUNGANG CAVES – Arrival - the most impressive complex of cave art in China, with more than 51,000 statues in its 252 caves dug out in the fifth century.    

10.15 hrs.- Yungang Caves – Departure. We travel to Peking. Stop in a service area for lunch (not included). 
14.00 hrs.-  JIMING POST – Arrival -. The small traditional Chinese town that maintains its peaceful provincial life, it was created as a rest place for the mail that the Emperor sent, and is protected by powerful walls. A sensation of “another China”, one that is agricultural, less-developed, more anchored in the past when strolling through its streets. 

15:30 H Jiming Post -Departure -. We have around a hundred kilometres to the beginning of the metropolis that is the capital of China. 
18.30 hrs.- BEIJING – Arrival -.

08.30hrs-   An exciting day awaits us. We will discover the main points of interest in the Chinese capital. We will have a  full day visit with a local guide  in which we will visit some of the main points in the city. We will start walking through the immense  Tiananmen Square  one of the largest squares in the world, and from them, we will appreciate the Great National Theater, Beijing Opera House. Then, the  Great Chinese Imperial Palace ,  better known as "The Forbidden City",  the most majestic architectural complex in China from where 24 emperors ruled for almost 500 years. We will also have the opportunity to visit  Jingshan Park  where the  Coal Hill is located, one of the best preserved imperial gardens in Beijing. We ascend to the top of the hill to have the best views (if the day is clear) on the Forbidden City.   Lunch is included.  In the afternoon we include a  tricycle ride  through the traditional neigbourhood of Beijing,  known as Hutong. In this area we can see the typical life style in these popular neighborhood, visit typical shops and even a traditional house, a Siheyuan, with all its lounges around a courtyard. We will finish our visit knowing the  SUMMER PALACE,  the Imperial House of the Qing Dynasty with its beautiful gardens and lakes. 

We finish the visit around 17:00 hrs..- You can return to the hotel with the bus or stay in the center (in this case, return to the hotel will be by your means. We always recommend you to bring the hotel card written in Chinese to explain to the taxi driver where do you want to go).

Total distance travelled:  190 km 
Note: Sometimes there is a large number of tourists in the Great Wall and it may be advisable to go walking avoiding the delays that may exist in the climb by funicular
Landscapes:  Great metropolis of Beijing leaving the city, green mountains area around the wall.

08.00hrs.- Beijing, departure. Today’s programme includes an excursion to the Great Wall. 
09.30 hrs.- GREAT WALL OF CHINA (section Mutianyu).  Arrival to this spectacular architectural work. Its history covers more than 2000 years. The day will include a  cable car ride   up and down  to one of the most scenic areas. Free time to have lunch and enjoy the comercial area and the Exhibition Center on the Wall. 
Returning to Beijing, we will stop in the  798 th district,  with its contemporary art located in an old military factory. We will also visit the  TEMPLE OF HEAVEN,  one of the country’s largest sacred complexes and a World Heritage  Site.  Before returning to the hotel, and as a way to rest from this intense day, we will take a  Tai Chi class  and enjoy a  foot massage.   We will bid farewell to Beijing with a  lacquered duck dinner included.  Return to the hotel at 21.00hrs. 

Tras el desayuno, fin de nuestros servicios.

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