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Estimado viajero: ¡Gracias por habernos elegido para realizar este circuito! Esperamos que disfrute de su viaje.

Le damos aquí una orientación sobre su tour con la información que consideramos puede ser de su interés. La información es ORIENTATIVA, pudiendo existir variaciones sobre los horarios señalados.

TRASLADOS desde el aeropuerto, si lo tiene incluido o comprado. Nuestro trasladista lo estara esperando con un cartel con el nombre de Europamundo o su nombre a la salida de aduanas (despues de recoger su equipaje).

IMPORTANTE: Si usted tuvo NOCHES ADICIONALES a su llegada al hotel tendrá su reserva realizada, pero el guía de su viaje normalmente no se encontrará hasta la noche anterior al inicio del tour. Su tiempo por tanto hasta ese momento es libre.

En el HOTEL le podrán ayudar con toda la información que precise sobre la ciudad. En la recepción podrá encontrar un CARTEL INFORMATIVO de Europamundo donde figurarán las actividades y los horarios establecidos para su grupo. Lea el cartel informativo.

Precio incluye
Servicios Generales de Europamundo: Recorrido en autocar con guía en inglés, seguro básico de viaje y desayuno tipo buffet.
Incluye traslado de llegadaVisita panorámica en: ROMA, FLORENCIA, VENECIA, VIENA, BUDAPEST, PRAGABarco: Vaporetto in Venice en VENECIA, Traunsee lake in Traunkirchen en SALZBURGO, Danube River in Budapest en BUDAPEST, Vltava River in Prague en PRAGA
Traslado nocturno: Trastevere in Rome en ROMA, Via Cavour in Rome en ROMA, City Hall Square in Vienna en VIENA, Vaci Utca in Budapest en BUDAPEST, Old Town Square in Prague en PRAGA
Entradas: Coliseum of Rome en ROMA, Saint Mark´s Basilica, Murano Glass Factory en VENECIA, Prague Castle en PRAGA
Dia 1: Roma.-

Highlights:  Evening transfer to the Trastevere district.


Transfer from airport to hotel  You will receive information for the start of your circuit in the afternoon or this will be on the informative signs in the hotel reception. 

19:00 h. Transfer to the Trastevere area. This neigborhood will be a great introduction to Rome, a stroll in the narrow cobbled streets of the Trastevere reveals hidden treasures to us, such as some modest mediaeval churches, small shops with the most peculiar of objects or scenes of daily life. Many trattorias (informal Italian eating establishments) and osterias (inns) imbued with the Italian spirit will be ready to serve you local dishes. Other restaurants serving Indian, Chinese and international food can be found in this area.  Return to hotel.

Dia 2: Roma.

Highlights: city tour of Rome. Roman Coliseum (admission price included) and Vatican City.

The morning starts with an early interesting city tour of the “Eternal City”, in which we will visit the Caracalla Baths, Venice Square, Circo Massimo, the Capitoline Hill and St. John Lateran. We enter the tiny state of the Vatican. The Vatican City is a principal centre of Christianity in the world. You will be able to visit St. Peter’s Basilica.  Admission to the Coliseum included. This building, which dates from the first century, was built for the purpose of organising entertainment for the Romans, such as gladiator combats. We have the chance to learn about the ancient society of the Roman Empire.

18:30 h. Transfer to Via Cavour, which has many local restaurants and others that serve international cuisine, including Indian and Chinese. Return to hotel.

Dia 3: Roma - Florence.-

Total distance: 320km 
SceneryApennine Mountains and Tuscan vineyards. 
Note: We recommend you wear comfortable shoes as the tour of Florence involves walking.   

08:00h Rome - Departure, passing through the Tiber Valley. 
12:15h Florence -  Our first contact with the Renaissance city is Piazzale Michelangelo, a viewpoint with marvellous views of the city. Don’t forget to take your camera! 
Walking tour with local guide, lasting two and a half hours. We visit the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vechio, Straw Market,  Piazza Republica, Palacio Vecchio. Free afternoon to explore and visit the city’s historical markets and museums.

The city has many restaurants that offer a wide variety of local and international food, where you can dine. Return to hotel.

Dia 4: Florencia - Venecia.

Total distance: 310km 
Scenery: we cross the Apennines and the Po Valley.   

08.15h Florencia - Departure, passing through mountain scenery. 
12:00 h Venice - Arrival at Tronchetto Gate where we take the boat and cross the Grand Canal to the Island of Venice. Comprehensive tour with a local guide to St. Mark’s Square and the interior of St, Mark’s Basilica (admission included). Visit to the Murano Glass Factory where we will see a demonstration of how this ancient glass is made. Free afternoon.
19:00h Return to firm land and transfer to hotel. Dinner in the Mestre district, which has many local and international restaurants.  

Dia 5: Venecia -Innsbruck- Kitzbuhel.-

Total distance: 480 km  
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Breathtaking alpin landscapes. Dinner included.  

08.00 hrs. Venice - Departure, crossing the Po Valley travelling to Austria. 
13.00 hrs.- Innsbruck.- Time to stroll in the historic centre of Innsbruck.   

15.30 hrs.- Departure after lunch. We travel along a very pretty scenic road between the mountains.   
17.00 hrs-  KITZBÜHEL - Arrival and time to see this picturesque little village, a famous ski resort where we can enjoy the snow for a large part of the year! Free time. Transfer to the hotel and dinner included(vegetarian option possible). 

Note:  In case of few travellers on the trip, the journey from Venice to Innsbruck may be done by a train. 

Dia 6: Kitzbuhel- Salzburgo - Viena.-

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Salzburg, the city of Mozart. Fantastic scenery. Cruise on a lake. 
Total Distance: 420 km 
Note:  We recommend you to take warm clothes to enjoy on the deck during the boat ride.  The schedules in winter time might be modified in order to take advantage of sunlight. 

08.00 hrs- Kitzbühel- Departure. We travel between mountains.
10.00 hrs- Salzburg- Arrival. Our guide accompanies us to the most beautiful streets of the historic centre of this city declared a World Heritage site and have lunch.

13.00 hrs.- Salzburg- Departure. We then go on our way between lakes and mountains. A very beautiful scenic stage in the Alps.

14.00 hrs.- St. Wolfgang. A famous place by a lake of pilgrimage in Austria.
15.00 hrs- St. Wolfgang- Departure.-

15.45 hrs- Traunkirchen. Time to stroll in this beautiful city with its nice churches and streets along with the very beautiful TRAUNSEE lake, where at around 16.30 hrs, we include a cruise on the lake to see four castles on the mountains and disembarking in Gmunden.

17.30.- Gmunden- Departure and continuation to the capital of Austria.
20.45 hrs.- Vienna- Arrival. 

Dia 7: Viena.

Highlights: City tour of Vienna. Vienna gardens of the immense Schönbrunn Palace. Evening transfer. 

09.00 hrs.- Vienna- start with a scenic sightseeing tour of Vienna to know the most important places of interest including the Opera , the Museum of Fine Arts and Natural History , Parliament , the Royal Theatre , City Hall and the University. Passing by the Church of San Carlos, we arrive to the Belvedere Palace where we will walk through the gardens from where we are offered a fabulous view of the city. (If the English-speaking group has fewer than fifteen people, the tour can be conducted in both English and Spanish).  

Directly afterwards, we head the Schönbrunn Palace where visitors can stroll around and enjoy its beautiful gardens.

In the evening we go to the City Hall Square to enjoy the lighting and the nightlife in the neighbouring streets, and where we will have dinner with cuisines from around the world (including Austrian,  Chinese , Indian and Italian). Return to hotel.- 

Dia 8: Viena - Budapest.

Total distance: 245km      
Scenery: We travel through the beautiful Pannonian Basin to the Hungarian capital.    
Note: We remind you that the currency of Hungary is the Forint. It is advisable to pay in local currency during your stay.  If the number of passengers in very small, the journey can be made by train.   

08:30 h. Vienna - Departure following the course of the Danube to Hungary. We have a little under a 3-hours- trip to Budapest.
11:30 h. Budapest - Arrival.  Relax and discover the city on a boat tour along the Danube river; the views of the city and parliament are impressive. Time for lunch after the tour.

14.30 hrs- Guided tour of the “Queen of the Danube” lasting three hours. Visit to the two areas of the city that are separated by the Danube: with historic "Buda" on one side and cosmopolitan "Pest" on the opposite bank. We will know the elegant Pest quarter, the city’s administrative, commercial and leisure district and Heroes’ Square, the Parliament, the Opera House and the elegant boulevards; and the historical Hill of Buda with St. Matthew’s Cathedral, the Fisherman’s Bastion and Habsburg Palace.  Leisure time after the tour. 

At sunset, there will be time at the end of the day in the lively area of VACI UTCA, where there are lots of little restaurants with food from different countries (Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian).  Return to hotel .

Dia 9: Budapest - Bratislava - Prague.-

Total distance: 530 km.

08.00 hrs- Departure from Budapest.
10.30 hrs- Bratislava. We will get to the capital of Slovakia and a city alongside the Danube with an attractive historic centre. Time to see the city and have lunch.

14.30 hrs.- We well leave Bratislava to continue on our way to the Czech Republic.
18.30 hrs- Prague,  Arrival in the evening and transfer to the Old Town Square. This central location is full of energy and touristic activities. It’s a marvellous place to acquaint ourselves with Prague. Several restaurants offering cuisines from around the world will be waiting to delight your taste buds, including Czech, Chinese, Indian and Italian. Return to hotel.

Dia 10: Praga.-

Today’s highlights: city tour of Prague. Visit to Castle. Boat tour along the river Vltava. Evening transfer. 
Note: We recommend you wear comfortable shoes during the walking tour.   

07.45 h. Comprehensive tour.  Lasting three hours and a half. The tour starts off from the “Castel Quarter” (admission included), the political, religious and monumental centre of the capital, and the cathedral, the palaces and viewpoints over the “city of the 100 towers” and explains the history of the country. We then continue our walk through the “Small City” or “Malastrana Quarter”, the city’s Baroque jewel, to the famous “Charles Bridge”. 

The city tour  is followed by a monumental cruise on the river Vltava. 
Free afternoon to continue exploring the city.

In the evening, we enjoy time in the historic city centre and there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy cuisines from around the world.  Return to hotel. 

Dia 11: Prague - Lauf - Wurzburg - Frankfurt.-

Total distance: 560  km
Landscapes: Beautiful landscapes en route. Hills. Picturesque villages.

07.30 hrs.- Prague - Departure from Prague on our way to Germany. 
11.45 hrs- Lauf and der Pegnitz- Arrival and time to stroll in this picturesque little Bavarian village which stands out for its busy Market Square and Castle.

13.00 hrs.- Departure from Lauf. We carry on to Wurzburg.
14.30 hrs.- Wurzburg- Arrival and time to get to know this baroque city of Bavaria, on the banks of the Main river, ancient episcopal seat and today, university city with much animation.

17.00 hrs.- Wurzburg. Departure. Our journey continues toward Frankfurt.
18.45 hrs - Frankfurt - Arrival-. We cross the wide modern avenues from the financial city of Germany. Then, free time in the historic center to explore and choose your favorite restaurant to dine in (from Indian, oriental, Italian, International and so on).

Dia 12:

Tras el desayuno, fin de nuestros servicios.

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