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DALILA G. 22/08/2019
Long distances too much time in the bus some days
Dante L. 07/08/2019
I enjoy the tour, the guides are wonderful.
ENRIQUE ADAN G. 06/08/2019
On the transfering out information just need to be translated in English language
I like that the trip highlights every country’s main tourist destination. As well as the smoothness of the whole trip - even though we have to change tour managers once in a while, there were no doubts about what is going to happen next. Everything is well organized.
Kathryn Louise B. 02/07/2019
The amount of things you actually get to see
Sonny V. 16/06/2019
the tourist guide were very helpful..
Leonilo S. 18/04/2019
It is not only you will see new places but you will meet new people in the tour where you can share good moments during the trip.
DOMINADOR A. 10/04/2019
The tour coordination as we as the itinerary is acceptable but in the other hotels, the staff is not approachable.
MARIETTA A. 10/04/2019
The tour coordination is okay but other hotel staffs are not approachable
DAISY C. 07/02/2019
Our Guide Mustafa Told us about My Trip
YONG HUANG K. 12/07/2018
i like it that we have free time to explore the cities after a general overview by the guide or local guide. We also got to go to some less visited cities like Verona, Bern and Eperlecques. The transfers to dinners were good too. It is a good practice not to provide lunch and dinner to make the tour cheaper. The tour guides are very professional and knowledgeable. We especially enjoy the service of Pilar from Rome to Zurich. Angela was funny and nice. The hotels provided were however too far from city centre and this can be inconvenient e.g. we were stuck in the hotel in Paris and couldnt go out to see Paris at night. The hotels at Florence and Venice had very bad wifi connection. Courtyard Marriot at Paris cut off our wifi connection on the 2nd night and said that our room did not include wifi and we had to pay for usage of the wifi.
KOK KIT T. 11/07/2018
The tour guide very friendly and knowledgeable.
JED PAUL B. 16/05/2018
london was rushed, many bus tours.. should add one more day for walking tour like the st. pauls cathedral and millenium bridge
JOHN CLINTON B. 16/05/2018
Our Italy tour guide Antonio was exceptionally good and we really enjoyed the Italy part of the trip because of him
DIANA S. 11/01/2018
The tour was great and we were given a lot of freetime to enjoy the place on our own. Only suggestion is to schedule the start day on 12/23 so guest can still visit vatican, vatican museum, sistene chapel and collesium on 12/24 as these are close ever 12/25 which was our tour day in vatican. All else ok.
SUBHASISH M. 06/12/2017
Your system of mixing and matching clients from various packages in different countries was excellent. Helps one to get to know so many people while sharing the pleasures of the package with them.
MARIA JOSE D. 11/09/2017
Encarni an israel where the best guides ever they made this trip to me one of my best experiences in my life thank you guys. Israel made my london trip the best thanks
DEMOCRITO JR V. 20/07/2017
The travel experience was very good especially the guides who were all very nice to us. I was just a bit disappointed with some changes in the itinerary during our trip. Instead of ferry to Canterbury from France, we were diverted to the Eurotunnel, which consequently changed our schedule of activities. Our stay in Eperlecques to visit the bunker, which could have been a very nice experience was cut very very short. Instead of visiting Amiens, we were brought to Calais. Likewise, our stay in Canterbury, a very nice place, was also very short which, of course, is understandable due to an unforeseen event in the EUROtunnel. But still, I suggest that the itinerary should be carefully planned out so that any possible problem will be dealt with and the itinerary will be implemented strictly. I also recommend more time for shopping in Paris, like give optional stops in Champs Elysee or Lafayette for passengers who want to do some shopping there.
CONCEPCION V. 17/07/2017
Our Europamundo experience was very enjoyable and informative as well. I would like to thank our tour guides, Albert Herrera and Emma Esteban, for being so nice, accommodating and patient with us during the entire trip.
MARY ANN D. 11/07/2017
Our circuit chosen was genuine europe from rome to london. These are the things that we did not like and i think you can consider improving: 1. Our vatican tour was very crowded, and i think we should be advised prior before we booked this excursion. 2. Since the weather is always unpredictable, the coaches/bus should be with umbrellas for the tourists. I think this is a small thing you can provide and it will mean a lot for us. 3. Our hotels in venice, our tour guide keep on repeating that it was his first time on this hotel, i think the guides should experience staying in a particular hotel before giving it to tourists. The place was too far and the road was too small, it can only fit one car. When we arrived on the hotel/villa there was no restaurant for us take our dinner. Then there was no hot water available. Then for breakfast, they were not ready. This can be avoided if the company should try it first rather letting the tourist experience it for the first time. Although our guide diego, handled our complaints very well. 4. Our hotel booking in Paris was chaos We were sent to the wrong hotel, then apparently we do not have the reservations there. We were supposed to be in a different hotel. The guide got confused with our hotels. So we have to go back to bus and wait for the 40 plus guest to be checked in before we can go to our hotel it took about an hour, then another 15-30 mins to our hotel. We havent had our dinner yet that time. The guide was not that good in handling it, we were not informed on what to do after he sent us back to the bus. Then the bus driver got mad because we did not go down the bus with our luggages, apparently, we should take down our luggages and the guide will go with us by taxi to our hotel. Thanks we enjoyed our trip though, More power to your company
Our family europe tour Italy, France, Switzerland and london was well managed by europamundo. Tour manager was good, Local guide was excellent, Star Hotels was very good apart from in italy. Over all it was excellent tour package managed by europamundo. Perwez alam