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ROSALIND S. 28/11/2018
We were like a big family, and I am happy to have gained new friends from other countries. These people were all amazing. This tour gave us the opportunity to see all the beautiful places, and I am thankful for that.
ARNOLD S. 25/11/2018
The tour guidess are always on time.
MARIA LUDWINA P. 17/07/2018
Some passengers were always late which is very annoying because it disrupts the schedule for the day.
WILFREDO R. 24/05/2018
The program was rather adequately structured, though there were kinks along the way.
MARY GRACE R. 21/05/2018
The tour was well planned although too tiring at some points. Our tour guides were good but special mention for ANTONIO (guide in Rome onwards) and Emma (Paris). They were both fantastic, handling the group well making the trip even more enjoyable. Angeles/Angela was also hardworking, she has a lot of information to share. However, you may want to reconsider assigning her to english-speaking groups as she may not be that fluent in english yet and her heavy accent made what she is saying harder to understand.